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1st International Workshop on Text Data Science

Deadline : 15 juin 2018


1st International Workshop on Text Data Science

Submission Deadline : June 15, 2018

October 16-18, 2018
Yichang, China

Big data, new mobile phone interfaces, simulation and databases are
source of huge production of texts.
Even if text processing is not new, and computational linguistics
proposed lots of interesting analytical frameworks, we face to new

First challenge is practices of humanities and social scientists with
new computing tools and data that come from the digital world and in
particular to consider research objects (ie documents, entities, models,
knowledge, rules, meta-data ...). In most humanities and social sciences
(HSS) disciplines the ground, practices and situations are strong

Second challenge is the case of social media information. The popularity
and generation of social media data is confusing. It becomes a field of
experimentation in the light of social science and communication
theories such as the treatment of false information, e-democracy or
citizen behavior.


* Machine Learning, Multivariate Data Analysis, Link and Network
Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Big
Data, Smart Data, Feature Selection, Knowledge Visualization, Complex
Corpora, Curating Data, Multiparadigm Data Science Workflow, Sentiment
Analysis, Recommendation Systems
* Psychology , Sociology, History, Archaeology, Communication and Social
Media, Digital Libraries, Literary Studies, Cultural and Heritage
Studies, Didactics, Business Intelligence, Linguistics, Political
Science, Cartography , Demography
* Textual Data, Open data, Crowdsourcing
* Text analysis and mining with applications to health and wellness,
smart cities, energy, transport, environment, food, migration issues

A short list of presented papers will be selected so that revised and
extended versions of these papers will be published by JDMDH open access
journal (

Should you have any question please don’t hesitate contacting me.

Kind regards,
Nicolas Turenne
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